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it's a family affair

2020 was a challenge for all of us. In the middle of it all, we found ourselves a bit restless & looking for inspiration. With extra time on our hands and an amazing staff that was eager to work and create something great, we had an idea. We (the Pearl Dragon family) have enjoyed Chef Genaro's delicious Mexican creations for over 20 years. So we decided to share some dishes with our families, then our friends. They told a few friends who told a few more; and before we knew it, we didn't have so much extra time on our hands! 


Now we are sharing El Dragon with more of our friends and neighbors. Made to be enjoyed at your leisure, our dishes are made fresh to order, then refrigerated. They're delivered with preparation instructions to heat and enjoy with your family when it's convenient for you. We use the highest quality ingredients to create a delicious fusion of Mexican flavors. We never cook with lard and use organic and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. 


Did we mention we have a full bar? We serve our better-for-you Mexican dishes with premium cocktails like margaritas, micheladas, and more! Nothing tops off a great meal like a killer cocktail. And let's face it, some of us could really use a drink right about now. 


Our Family Dinner and Margarita Boxes make great gifts. Whatever the occasion, we'll deliver locally with a handwritten note. 

Let us delivery our Mexican specialties for you to enjoy with the ones you love.

From our family to yours!


We'll see you soon, 


Bianca and the Pearl Dragon family

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Our Story
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