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On the Rocks


1. SALT YOUR RIM! (or don't)

- Pour your Tajin (or course sea salt) into a shallow dish.

- Slice your lime into wedges and cut a notch into the inside of each wedge.

- Slide the notch over the glass rim and squeeze while running around the edge to moisten the rim.

- Press your rim into the salt until it is well covered.  


- Fill a rocks glass full with ice. Don't be shy, as the ice melts, it lightly dilutes and mellows the flavor of your cocktail to perfection.


- Lighly shake your cocktail. Remember, there's no neon margarita mix here. We use only fresh fruit juices and the ingredients will settle and separate.


- Pour over ice and enjoy!


Your cocktail will come ready to enjoy.

Not quite happy hour yet?

Just follow these steps.

- Store your cocktail in the freezer. Don't worry, the alcohol will keep it from freezing solid.



- When you're ready to enjoy, pull it out of the freezer and let it thaw for about 10 minutes. (Just can't wait? A dunk in warm water for a minute or two will speed up the process). 

- Once it has started to thaw, give the container a few squeezes to break up the ice. Securing the lid with your hand, shake your cocktail vigorously. Don't be shy here, really mix it up!

- Pour your cocktail into your prepared glass. See SALT YOUR RIM! (or don't) and enjoy!


- Keep any unfinished cocktail in the freezer, though we doubt there'll be much left over!

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